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Paradigm shift? What paradigm shift?

Let’s examine the current paradigm. Professional Services teams are often considered cogs in the wheel of the larger software enterprise and both customers and software companies alike are just happy to “get the implementation done.” And because this paradigm reigns rampant within many enterprises, they are not as profitable or scale as well as they should be.

Members of the PS organization spend six times more with the customer than sales does.

But there always seemed to be something missing – something that customers can’t quite put their fingers on and something that software companies miss because they are too busy implementing software somewhere else. That something is the feeling of delight from customers knowing that they partnered with a trusted advisor; one that implements the software of course, but also one that goes that extra mile to determine needs that the customer may not have thought of, even taking a look at outdated or inefficient processes to call out potential solutions.

Why is the feeling of “customer delight” so critical to both the end customer and the software enterprise? Again, simple and heretical. When a company has happy customers, they remain loyal. When customers are loyal, they will become repeat customers AND will be the biggest ambassadors to the software enterprise. This is the paradigm shift. Software companies have to make the strategic shift from something that is “required” to something that is revenue generating and plays its role in the continued growth of the business.

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