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Reaping the value of an undervalued outfit

If you recall my previous blog post, I put forth the idea that a simple, yet heritical truth is what consistently plagues software executives when attempting to uncover and exploit the value and drive revenue from Professional Services. And that truth is that the Professional Services organization implements and supports software products. The organization also keeps the project on track and, most important, this organization provides trusted consultation to the business. But, if all of these are true, what does an experienced and proven software executive to do?

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Study the past if you would define the future

Ask ten software executives what they believe professional service is. Chances are, there will be ten slightly different answers. The question is why that conundrum exists. Consider this scenario. After a robust marketing and sales cycle, your company has purchased Acme Software based on due diligence that Acme best solves your known business challenges. Acme Software sends their best professional services team to begin implementing the solution and begins to ask your what you would like the software to do for them and what business processes you would like to integrate...

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Profit and happy customers? Yes, Virginia, it is possible

Long ago, your word was your bond and deals were done on a handshake. Seems in the era of the "interweb", we've gotten away from those very simple tenants of doing business. So, how can businesses drive professional services revenue and margins?

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