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I love webinars...

I love webinars; truly I do. While I know most of my leadership colleagues will view webinars as just something that marketing asks us to do, I view it as my opportunity to learn and educate. Last week, I had the pleasure of conducting a live webinar to explore the paradigm shift that we see occurring in embedded software organizations and that is to change the tactically focused professional services groups into a powerful and strategic force-multiplier for the company.

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Looking for triggers - and I don't mean SQL statements

In my last post, I talked about a paradigm shift. And make no mistake, there are paradigm shifts occuring around us all. But let's get to brass tacks as Ms. Lili Von Shtupp said in the iconic film, "Blazing Saddles." Some software enterprises are simply not ready to make the paradigm shift. As I've said before, changing a paradigm is not a small feat and definitely not for the faint of heart. It requires guts and determination and strength of vision. Change is hard but change is absolutely necessary in the new normal. If the company is stagnant or the growth rate is below your expectations, the hard question must be asked… why?

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The new normal in professional services

Let’s examine the current paradigm. Professional Services teams are often considered cogs in the wheel of the larger software enterprise and both customers and software companies alike are just happy to “get the implementation done.” And because this paradigm reigns rampant within many enterprises, they are not as profitable or scale as well as they should be.

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