Assessment and Strategic Planning
seek to understand and then move forward

“Study the past if you would define the future.” Confucius.

Strategic planning and assessment. Those very words can strike fear into the most savvy of businesses. It requires a thorough look at what you have been doing as a business in the quest to transformationaly change your organization.

Not to worry. The Growth Stage team will work with you to thoughtfully optimize your PS process and determine its current state against our PS capabilities wheel.

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High-level discovery

Our team will work with yours to discover and begin to diagnose challenges within your PS organization. Generally occurring through a conference call, we begin our journey here and provide you and your team with high-level benchmarks you can begin using right away against best practice metrics.

Discovery workshop

In this facilitated onsite workshop, our team will go through a series of interactive discussions covering all of the topics on the PS capabilities wheel. We begin to get to the very heart of challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities specifically tailored for your organization. Our deliverable to you is a summary of findings and recommendations that we will categorize according to the PS capabilities wheel. This summary is suitable to present to your leadership and begin to use right away within your organization.

Assessment / strategic action plan

In order to truly provide change, our team embeds within your organization to view and interact with you and your team on a daily basis. We focus on complete understanding of where you are “right now” within your business and work side-by-side with executive management, PS leadership and individual contributors to determine where your company is in comparison to the PS capabilities wheel. Following our discovery, we then focus on where you “want to be” and develop strategies tailored for your business on how to get there. While we focus on best practices we conduct strategic planning workshops with key members of the leadership team and PS management to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding and is on board with the succession of transformational changes.

Two-week plan: Executive-level presentation with findings and recommendations, based on the PS capabilities wheel. Four-week plan: Two-week version plus an actionable strategic plan (Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics).

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