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More often than not, the individual professional services team members are considered journeymen – seemingly on the outskirts of strategic value but never quite making it to the table of the inner circle. The fact is that it is really not the fault of the PS team; rather it is a failure of leadership to recognize the strategic value and power of professional services as a discipline and company ambassador force.

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We get it. We get it because we’ve been there. So our PS methodologies and repeatable processes are meant to create a strategic competitive advantage within every software organization. This approach is very different from large professional service firms who have no experience in scaling profitable software businesses or Professional Service Automation (PSA) firms who only know how to implement their software with little regard for what actually drives customer satisfaction and profitable revenue.

Our approach

Having a Professional Services strategy that is aligned with your company’s overall goals is where everything begins. A proper strategy encompasses goals, metrics, initiatives, and tactics to ensure you achieve higher client satisfaction, better recurring revenue, and stronger margins. Interested in 95% client satisfaction, 40%+ PS gross margins, and predictable renewal rates for your software? It all starts with the right PS strategy.
People make Professional Services organizations hum. Overused cliché or not, people are definitely your “most valuable asset.” Members of the PS “force” spend more time in front of your customers than anyone else in of the company. Ensure your most valuable assets are operating at peak performance with the right organization, incentive plans, training plans, and hiring/retention strategies.
Our goals? Higher client satisfaction. Stronger repeatable revenue streams. Better PS margins. We do that by leveraging repeatable processes that will drive profitable revenue from your initial software implementation through the customer lifecycle. Your clients will delight in the service and trusted advisors and will, in turn, continue to send business your way.
Technology should empower and reinforce your PS strategy. But most traditional PSA tools fail primarily because they tend to be top-down and cumbersome, and simply don’t add value to the PS team members themselves. While Growth Stage has experience with all the leading PSA tools, we have chosen to partner with Mavenlink. The “Facebook-style” user experience, combined with its advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration and financial tools, makes Mavenlink the best choice for PS organizations. What’s more, Growth Stage has a full spectrum of Mavenlink implementation offerings to ensure the technology is working for you rather than the other way around.

Discover the Growth Stage difference

For too long, your PS organization has languished in the shadows. Isn't time they had a chance to shine? Contact the Growth Stage team today to learn more about the repeatable processes that leverages your people and the right technology to build your software business.

"The team at Growth Stage enabled my professional services team to move from 70% customer satisfaction to 95% customer satisfaction in just three months. My clients continually come back because they know they will get the best service." Public SaaS Software Company
"At Kintana we were simultaneously entering the enterprise market and creating a new space, IT Governance. It was imperative that our approach to serving customers was as innovative and fresh as our software solution. This focus on customer success and value resulted in highest levels of customer satisfaction, 100% maintenance renewals, new software sales and strong professional services margins." Bryan Plug, Chief Executive Officer, Kintana (now HP Software)