Process and Organization Design
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Process and organization design helps companies run their operations “by the numbers”. Since all measurements are quantifiable, this lets you monitor changes over time. But while it should help improve corporate performance, many companies find it nearly impossible to handle because of the shear size and complexity of how they interrelate.

"Growth Stage was instrumental in helping turn our Professional Services organization into a competitive strength for Ellie Mae."


Jonathan Corr,
President and COO, Ellie Mae

This is where Growth Stage surpasses. We will work with you and your organization to identify those parts that need to be monitored and measured; and then help you measure based on your business goals and objectives.

Metrics design / implementation

Since the fundamentals of any successful PS organization revolve around the tuning of a few core metrics, turning the dials, even slightly, can make a huge difference in the success or failure of PS organizations. We will work with your team to ensure these key objectives are tailored to your organization.

Process design / implementation

Professional Services is much more than implementing software. From understanding billing to recognizing revenue and providing ongoing opportunities to delight customers, the Growth Stage team will help you tighten up or create processes in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Consultant scheduling and planning
  • Knowledge capital
  • Time and expense collection
  • Billing
  • Revenue recognition
  • Ongoing customer management

We believe that a tight process empowers you and your team to concentrate on what’s more important; your customers. Happy customers = greater revenue.

Organization design / implementation

How many times have you heard that the PS team is an overhead burden and those who spend the most time in front of your customers are called “journeymen”? That’s about to change. The most successful PS organizations are well-tuned with motivated consultants and well-informed management. They perform better as a team and, in turn, provide greater customer satisfaction and higher levels of profitability to the enterprise. How do we know this? Because we’ve been there. We’ll bring our proven expertise to your organizational design, talent management and compensation programs to make sure that your PS team is running at peak performance.

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