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There are two main goals in any business; increase profitability and reduce costs. Professional Services organizations are no exception. In fact this group plays a critical role in the growth stage of any software company. Because this group interacts with customers more often than any group within the organization, they play a vital role in customer satisfaction as well as ensuring application adoption and software subscription renewals.

Using technology to fit your business goals

Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools should be built to help the team achieve these very important goals. The unfortunate fact is that today’s PSA tools do very little to help the Professional Services team. In fact, most solutions on the market today are really nothing more than glorified time and expense tracking tools. While they track time and expenses and recognize revenue, they provide little to no value to the PS consultant and as a result, most PSA implementations fail.

But what if a PSA solution could actually help consultants do their jobs better, empower their client’s success and increase adoption and renewals, in addition to the tried and true accounting functions? Such application solutions would empower PSA teams to collaborate directly with clients in real-time, similar to most social networking applications. It would be easy to use and enable project managers to be better at what they do than be mired in application quicksand. It would have powerful resource management and financial reporting that actually helps to manage these critical functions of the PS team and provide reporting and metrics that leadership can use at any given point in time.

At Growth Stage, we believe your PSA should be a critical enabler of your organization’s success, and believe us, we’ve implemented all of the most popular PSA tools around. The one we strongly recommend which contains all of the capabilities critical to a successful application implementation is Mavenlink. As the #1 downloaded app on the Google Apps marketplace for project management software, Mavenlink contains all of the functionality critical to the PS team success.

Growth Stage is proud to be a premier implementation partner of Mavenlink and we provide a range of implementation options for the Mavenlink SaaS software platform. In fact, we use Mavenlink in all of our client and internal activities, including marketing and sales.

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